I’m many things. I’m messy, negative, immature. I’m intelligent, insolent, insecure. I’m truly an extremest about most social situations, and I am awkward and closed in around strangers. I’m a colossal paradox all within itself. I’m one gigantic moment of irony all wrapped up into one little body, standing on two unsteady legs that only care for resting. There’s not much other information I possess about myself that would be valuable towards you as a stranger. So I guess you could say, I’m just like every single one of you… in my own quirky, awkward way. Making me laugh is pretty much the expressway into my heart, just a heads up. Some things about my personality may keep you from liking me, such as how blunt and honest I can be. Excuse me for loving who I am anyway, and pardon me for not giving a hoot if you don’t.

Why do I get butterflies at the thought of you? Is it a sign or merely an obsession?